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Nov 30, 2016
The palm

" Wang Can clearly heard Pudong Airport transfer Dong Zhuo said a word, 'as long as the lonely feel right', this is what mean? No matter what Wang Can proposed, will have to see Dong Zhuo think fit, or anything. And so, as arranged by Dong Zhuo, but when the dispute or to fight, or to it all down the caged bird. "Good, good, good 上海包车." Dong Zhuo fan version of the palm 'Bang' sound shoot on the table, loud applause, a look of excitement. The red cheeks like a monkey's butt, red. Even if Dong Zhuo knew that Wang Can's words of flattery of the suspects, but Dong Zhuo is still like to eat like Viagra, very happy. This ass depends on what people shot, if the General Xiao louluo bootlick, Dong Zhuo also not rare? Who is Wang Can, who is the disciple of cai. And now, Wang Can's popularity did not lower than Cai Yong, and even has the possibility to cover the reputation of CAI yong. There is such a celebrity flattering, Dong Zhuo naturally happy. But happy happy, Dong Zhuo did not mind awake, with a smile on his face, staring at Wang Can, thoughtfully silent, silent for a long time, Dong Zhuo said: "first, I have not been so happy, lonely, to meet for the first so as

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Nov 5, 2016

When we met in Yingchuan restaurant not long ago, how lucky is still good, just arrived in Luoyang, it looks like this." Wang Can looked at lying motionless on the bed, eyes closed, purple lips, pale Guo Jia, mind can not help but worry a. Guo Jia is Wang Can's favorite man, if Guo Jia died, has not lost a big arms. Cheng Yu stared at Wang Can, his eyes flashing. For a long time, Cheng Yu with a sigh, said: "regret, can not live, was lucky not to blame others." Although Cheng Yu knows that Guo Jia is because of the use of divination to Airport pick up service Shanghaipredict Wenwang hurt the body Wang Can's future, but he did not say it, after all, this relates to Guo Jia's secret. The divination, nature cannot disclose. Wang Can doubt way: "Zhong De Gong, this is why? Lucky what disease, please the doctor?" Cheng Yu said: "go to the doctor, Luoyang city is famous for the doctor have been lucky after treatment, but the doctor said that lucky was seriously ill, plus body disease accumulation, even if lucky to wake up, but the doctor but there is no way to 上海机场接送 cure the root cause of lucky method." Wang Can is also a sigh, helpless. His previous identity is special sniper, not a doctor, although some knowledge of medical knowledge, and a little bit of first aid, but met Guo Jia,

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Oct 31, 2016

「ある?叔父ですか?叔父はどうして君と一緒にいないのか」 荀攸目が点滅、顔苛立っ、引き止める郭嘉の袖が止まらない質問。 郭嘉荀彧と二人と一緒冀州へ、今は郭嘉1人に洛陽、見えない荀彧。荀攸の心を自然に火烧火燎のひとしきりの心配上海包车、避けられない、手の中のうちわもいつか捨ててしまったで。 首を横に程昱「公达、あなたは関心のある?は乱、野放図な様子を、知って文若ない用事がなければ、とっくに顔のある?うの様子。」 ぐうぐう「グーグー、お酒を飲んで、本当に神様の日よ。」 郭嘉長いを吐く。浊气、顔が輝いて爽やか無比な面持ちで、自分の「公达、文若も年近い四旬の人、子供ではあるまいし、あなたがこんなに心配し何。えっ、やはり仲德公気持ちはきめ細かくて、知っている文若用事がない。」 程昱笑うとすると「文若事故を起こしたならば、あなたはさらにこんなにあか抜けず?」 郭嘉:「頷い仲德役場言何。」 荀攸それが長い息を吐き出して、Airport pick up service Shanghai「ある?叔父ですか?叔父はどんな事があって、去ったのですか?みんなはおじさんが一人で冀州へ身を袁本初?あるいはある?あなたは行きたくない冀州洛陽、転じてました?」 郭嘉ような顔をして、摊手道:“これは確かに私文若を離れて、一人で走って洛陽に来ました。

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Oct 17, 2016
The teacher

the old man is in order to Cai Yan's future, but Cai Yan entrusted to take care of Wang Can, Wang Can is not cheap,Pudong Airport transfer even if Cai Yongrang Wang Can swear must not interfere in Cai Yan's marriage, but the long-term live down, perhaps the time the teacher becomes the father. In the final analysis, CAI to help Wang Can, but also to help Cai Yan. Cai house door, Wang Can with a smile, look calm, looked at the side of the house next to the house Cai housekeeper, a smile. At this time Wang Can was dressed in a white robe, dashing Langmu, calm and magnanimous manner, show the 上海机场接送image is of great ingenuity, well groomed young man. Wang Can looked straight ahead, I saw a carriage walk slowly. Near! More and more near! The carriage stops at a distance of a house door where Zhang Cai, carriage car curtain opened, wearing a black color and robe, white face, long beard, wearing a crown of the five year old long out slowly from the carriage. "Son, this is Wang Situ." Standing next to Wang Can Butler whispered. Wang Can nodded his head,

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Oct 1, 2016
Long time

to the family as a threat, so I had to know the outcome, but Dong Zhuo is dangerous overtaxing the people, who will not be a long time, but I have tied up in Dong Zhuo's boat, want to take off, but easier said than done?" Therefore, I just want to find "a disciple, Chao Ji surrendered." "That day I returned to Luoyang, and meet you at the gate of the city, I see you have a good heart上海机场接送, and means, and stored the mind, just at that time and you just met, not determined. I still do not know because of how your ability? After all, to be able to protect Zhao Ji, but also can protect themselves in a chaotic world,it is not a simple matter. So I give you an invitation to visit the house let you cai. I also saved both your mind, but things are often unexpected, first should get Li Ru full of wit, man's favor, ah, life is also!" Cai Yong sighed again and again, his face full of lonely color. Wang Can is in the heart of a laugh, about Pudong Airport transfer Li Ru thing is that he understand the li. But Wang Can also thought of a problem, Zhao Zhao Ji Ji, who is? Wang Can asked: "teacher, Zhao

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Aug 21, 2016
Can speak

Yong Wang Can listening to the words, her face changed, bass about to stand up. Yong stood respectfully before the body, looked Yong Wang Can a heart, Trespa turns, Yong also just smiling, how suddenly fell out. "Master, the tea!" In this case,Airport pick up service Shanghai Fuchu attendants carrying brew good tea on the small table next to Wang Can, then respectfully back out. Seeing Wang Can, mind flashed Emmanuel, suddenly become clear up. If Yong angry, not let into the Cai Wang Can House, but will not let the attendants to Wang Can tea nor previously still warm and Wang Can speak, and then asked Wang Can change the face of things. Yong such a practice, the test should be kept in mind school. Wang Can things figured outPudong Airport transfer, dark clouds enveloped the hearts suddenly open to dissipate, his face still with a trace of calm smile. Seeing Yong, snorted, Shen surface water, shouted: "? The king first, it really as the old lady said, you climb to Cai House is a relationship." Discourse, Yong with a trace of resentment, a trace sharp tone. Wang Can heart hesitated and then react, if not explain, I'm afraid Yong hearts impression of him really bad, Wang Can submissively replied: "Mr. Cai, Wang Can although ordinary ordinary man, does not deign to do this those in power kinds of people,Hongqiao airport shuttle man a real man, in respect of their own hands to play a world, rather than by those in power and seek wealth. " Yong's face this slow a bit, and said: "ah, this man being so!" But Yong tone still faint, not much feeling in them.

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Sep 14, 2014

"Tiger jerking off? There why on earth has no beauty to stand there?" Xu Qiang Tang Feng came around, standing in the position of Tiger original station muttering.

     "Well, for a while now waiting to be spectacular." Then  four seasons shanghai they turned off Zhiyong, said:. "Xiaoyong, you tell the tiger, one will mess do not go scattered."

     Guan Zhi-Yong nodded his head turned and whispered in the ear tiger, the tiger looked Tang Feng a nod.

     "Snake, did not expect it? We two meet again." Tiger turned and smiled at the side of the serpent said. "There, my name is Xu days, you can call me Major General Xu also can call me after I was in charge and you will be one-way links, according to the plan after you go out in ch City, North Road, No. 303 pastoral hostel room to find me I will be your future documents and information to you, remember that only one person and then you have a few people going to plastic surgery, etc. after you do this thing almost been above subsided, to the time you would another new identity after the beginning of your life up. "middle-aged man nodded Tang Feng said.

     Tang Feng did not say anything, just nodded his head, thought of his father and mother to this face even more likely than the mind can not help but sour, but years of military training so he quickly calmed down, he knows these are a must, a few days later Tang Feng, Xu shanghai house rent Qiang, Guan Zhi-Yong, Wang Sheng these four individuals will completely disappear from this world, will be replaced by four new faces, and that four new faces in the near future will shake the entire z State underworld.

     Back to the cell Tang Feng and Xu Qiang, who does not tell the whole plan. He just clutching blankets slept good, because after this awakening he will not be before him. That day he had a dream, a sweet dream, he dreamed of himself and his family, and the brothers together, happy life -

     xa City sx shanghai visa province, west of high-tech development zone, building an ordinary villa.

     "Old Tang, I still can not believe the small summit was sentenced, he was so young, do not have to spend later on you in prison?" One middle-aged woman, middle-aged man said, looking the apartment shanghai around.

     Middle-aged man wiped tears from his eyes slowly and said: "I do not believe

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Sep 4, 2014
Three of us

all the words are included in this laugh, does not need too many words between the real brother, often just a look, a movement they make understand each other, the next three, only the force of the hand grip tightly together.天鹰,一只充满传奇的部队,与m国的超级特警队,y国的皇家战队被称为世界最强的三支单兵作战部队,这三支部队中的每一个人都是能以一敌十的好手,普通的武警和他们比起来就好象儿童与成*人的差距一般。

    (Significantly, how are you,visa to shanghai hey man, I have problems, that is, like book reviews, ah, we are not support what ah, I see the book review on the crazy, crazy'll crazy, crazy'll rampant, rampant will codeword. hee hee support me! there before the update chapter 18:00.)

     Three days later, Tang Feng fanfare three were sent to the prison located in the northeast to a place, two points inside and outside the prison, are some of the inner imprisoned felon, usually one or two shanghai apartment for rent people to kill a murderer even where the doors are not qualified to enter.

     Meanwhile, the country's major newspapers and television stations also reported the news: "A military senior officers Chinese Tang Feng, Guan Zhi-Yong, Xu Qiang three killed five suspected drunken Japanese businessman was sentenced to life imprisonment."

     On reports that yes, the three of us are killed five rb people, but these are spies rb offal, anyway,

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Mar 16, 2014
Hit body

 sprinkle a river house shanghai  
handful of what is out in space cracks . Numerous roadMirage appeared in the sky, black people attack suddenly no precise targets , the vast majority of the Phantom disappeared in the attack , but that did not hit body .

"Go, black flame refining the soul ." Flame emanating from a black cane into all pirates sprang.

Black people by surprise ,Shanghai property renthe did not think , Ge Lisi actually worse to the point that combines the dark and the fire department 's two black flame fusion once he was able to send out so much . Although he is not afraid , but just a little clean of those men will be ruined . Thought of this, he again refused hidden strength , screaming , "Hell brilliance ." Wu Guang suddenly a more intensive degree issued from the bottom up , suddenly greeted vindictive surging inflation , Wu Guang faint flicker between reveals a hint of evil gas .
black flame refining the soul and black people hell brilliance suddenly crash together, the sound of puff after a while , two points in front of the deck is melting out of a big hole .

Ge Lisi body slightly shaking , he resorted to a last resort in each other 's time," has confirmed the identity of each other , but also to understand why their dark guardian and no effect on the other side , the other black flame refining the soul can also vindictive Next it is because of their identity . However , he did not cry out, because he clearly knows the identity of black people is the biggest taboo , as soon as he said it , the other will surely die endlessly ,visa to shanghai there will not be any life on board survived . If you are in the best condition , Ge Lisi certainly not afraid of each other, but these days he has been plagued by seasickness , poor physical a lot, from life to really fight , though victory may be larger, but it is bound to seriously hit .

Ge Lisi and the other being hesitant hands or continue

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Feb 12, 2014

  " power ...... condensed into a warm ball ...... now in my hand ." Behind his efforts are not familiar with their own memories part , sitting on the bed , constantly talking about over and over again . Such a simple mantra , the average person only needs to recite a little while we can totally remember that Dumb but a full back for a long time , barely able to guarantee that he will not forget .

"Teacher, teacher , I, I remember ." Dumb , regardless of when just woke up the sleeping Ge Lisi .

Today's storm bigger than some yesterday,wanted to sleep with a sense of dizziness brought to counteract nausea , managed to fall asleep , but was awakened . Angry and said: "What ? "

Dumb scared to take a step back , softly said: . " Me, I remember the mantra of "

grunted , said: . " You are the dumbest person I've ever seen , a simple mantra in mind even in a day and a half, there is nothing to show off, read it and listen ."

Dumb finally built up a little confidence suddenly severely hit by, head down, stretched out his right hand , quietly read: ! " Flooding the element of fire between heaven and earth , ah , please grant me the power of your warm , condensed into a ball now in my hand . " spell is completed, he again felt the unknown forces that cohesion comes , and, to be more intense than the last to some . Puchi , with a diameter of three centimeters small fireball suddenly appeared in his palm . With the last experience , Dumb and did not panic this time , carefully looked at the mass of red flames , feeling the hand is warm, not hot, Dumb fireball care to the front of their own , carefully watched , one does not be careful , the hair on his forehead suddenly being singed a pinch , " ah ! " screams , Dumb spirit suddenly fall , also will be on hand fireball extinguished , an unpleasant burning smell filled the cabin of a sudden inside . Dumb desperately on his hair flapping , That tiny flame goes out, his poor half as long or short black hair , suddenly less a piece .

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